Facilitators were more than helpful and
very professional. Their empathy was so
good for all of us. The tools they gave us
to achieve more self-esteem were
great. They were immensely caring
human beings and touched all of us with
their great humanity.


Truly everything about these sessions
was tremendous and worthwhile.
Having the other women in the group,
who had gone through similar
situations, was so helpful and they were
so inspiring.


I feel if it wasn't for this group I wouldn't
feel as strong as I am today. I can
honestly say that I am a lot more
confident today than I was 10 weeks ago!


I would recommend this group because
I have found it very positive and
eye-opening. It has changed me.

Iris Kirby House, St. John’s Site: 1 (877) 753-1492O’Shaughnessy House, Carbonear Site: 1 (888) 596-8709

Empowerment Groups


At first you may feel as if you’re all alone in your struggle. But soon you’ll discover that abuse happens to many people, for many reasons. Hearing others talk about their struggles and triumphs will inspire you. Likewise, you’ll experience the joy and relief of expressing your emotions without guilt or judgment. You’ll build new friendships, bonding over the things you’ve endured and the new experiences you’ll share.


Empowerment Education I will be conducted over 10 consecutive weeks and will provide participants with a safe place to share their stories and experiences.

Empowerment Education II builds upon the first program and will be facilitated over a five-week period.

The Economic Empowerment Program III will assist women with education upgrading and employment supports.


  • Weekly program that runs continuously throughout the year (with the exception of the summer months).
  • Women attend at their own discretion, with no limit on the number of participants or how many sessions they may attend.
  • Average number of group participants is 10.
  • Gives women a chance to stay connected with the shelter after their departure.
  • This group is open to any women in the community who is experiencing or has experienced domestic abuse in her life.
  • Trained facilitators.
  • Weekly meetings throughout the year.


Women may contact our crisis lines for further information about empowerment groups.